New House

Projects, both in process and completed on the new (to us) house.

New House Fireplace Remodel

Our new (To us) house was in dire need of some upgrades. First up was a new fireplace. The existing fireplace was too small for the space and, to be blunt, the…

New House Flooring

New House Flooring - The flooring in the 'new' house was two different species of 3/4" plank and with it's polyurethane finish, was very prone to scratching so…

New House Kitchen Remodel

So this one is a bit different. We started wth an idea and started buying materials well before any work was done. A few hiccups along the way, but it came out…

New Entry Door

Shortly after moving in, we decided the entry needed a change. With the really tall ceilings and the size of the great room, we felt the existing entry doors…

Guest Room 2

What was supposed to be a quick repaint turned into a PITA due to someone's previous piss-poor work.

Pantry Door

A quick project to upgrade the Pantry door.

Loft Ceiling Fan

A quick chandelier to ceiling fan replacement in the loft above the great room.

Great Room Paint And Trimout

The final bits and pieces to get the great room all buttoned up. There were... 'hiccups'.

Door Chime Refinish

A quick refresh of a very ugly door chime.

Laundry Room Remodel

Time to knock out the ugly and put a little color in here.

Back Hallway

Rework of the hallway heading from the great room to the guest bedrooms.

Hot Tub Install

Like I needed another project right now....