skiddz·o·phre·ni·a /skidzəˈfrēnēə/  noun:  A minor mental disorder caused by having way too many interests and skills.

Various photo albums of things I've done or am currently working on, both professionally and personally.

Back Yard


A photo album of my backyard project showing how a dirt lot was transformed into a kick-ass back yard, starting with the drawing you see here.

There are a LOT of pictures in this one; over 1,000 at last count.

Bath Remodel


This is a small photo album of a bathroom remodel I took on for a fellow carpenter that didn't have time for the project.

Custom shower and tub surround, new granite countertops, fixtures and tile everywhere.

Seein' Red - 1987 Yamaha Banshee Rebuild


The restoration/customization of my 1987 Yamaha Banshee. What started out as a simple engine rebuild blew up and became a 4+ month long project and I ended up with basically a show-bike.

She's no garage or trailer queen, she was built to ride.

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